Teaching and Learning

How should we teach leadership and management, especially to experts and professionals? For some time, I have felt that the way leadership is taught needed to be transformed. I have worked with colleagues to develop two new leadership modules for Masters' level degrees. They both use experiential learning techniques.

The first - Personal Leadership Development for Experts and Professionals - holds a mirror up, because leadership starts from within. Self-reflective learning techniques are used to enable participants to reflect on their own behaviour, motivations, and weaknesses, and understand the kind of influence they may have on others. Participants are introduced to coaching concepts, team building, negotiation techniques, conflict resolution and action learning groups. Students have found this module to be transformative.

The second module - Expert Leadership - takes from economics, HRM, psychology and leadership research to assess why leaders matter. We look at the influence of leaders and line managers on employee job satisfaction and learn how well-being links to individual and organisational productivity. Leaders exist in environments with constraints, such as governing boards, shareholders, government or other stakeholders; these are examined. Students learn to transcend the dual hybrid track of expert/professional and manager; how to develop an expert friendly organisation and the role that succession planning and 'personalised HR' plays. Finally, we examine how to attract the right people into management and leadership positions, and when in the "life cycle of leadership".

Summary of the Expert Leadership research (23 minutes)

Leadership development - short programmes

I also teach on short leadership programmes (between 1-4 days) with Natasha Maw, a personal development coach and trainer.  We specialise in: learning to negotiate; coaching techniques; self-reflective practice; resilience techniques; stress management; team building; working in teams; presentation skills; and expert succession planning for HR professionals.   We work in health care, veterinary surgery, academia and other professional settings.  In North America I work with Dr Jaason Geerts.