Working Papers

How Common are Bad Bosses?, with Ben Artz and Andrew J. Oswald. 2018.

Leading Researchers: A Study of Employee Job Satisfaction and Quit Intentions in Research-Intensive Environments, , with Agnes Bäker. (revise and resubmit).

Hospital Performance and Physician Leadership: New Evidence from Iran, with Edris Kakemam and Mobin Sokhanvar, 2019 (revise and resubmit).

The Best in Both Worlds: Why Talented Clinicians make Talented Managers, with Agnes Bäker 2019.

A Theory of Expert Leadership, with Agnes Bäker and Cliff Oswick (rewrite).

Women, Job Satisfaction and Intensions to Quit, with Ben Artz and Agnes Bäker.

Evidence of Outcomes and Impact from Leadership Programmes for Doctors, with Jaason Geerts.

Lack of Diversity in Leadership: Could Selective Randomness Break the Deadlock?, with Margit Osterloh, 2017 IZA Working Paper.