No more business as usual : Scholars need support to move teaching and research on climate change into the mainstream – Times Higher Education

 Fifty years ago, students led a youthful rebellion against war, discrimination and exploitation. Universities were by no means exempt from censure, being accused of lagging behind socially and politically. Are we repeating history? Older generations are being shamed by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg (pictured) and her armies of striking students for failing to protect the planet. And while universities are not currently in the protesters’ cross hairs, they might yet be. Business schools and management departments would be obvious targets. After all, data from the UK’s Environmental Protection Agency show that business is indisputably a major – if not the central – contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. And with about one in seven UK students studying business or management, they are a hugely important audience for climate education – and, potentially, a source of solutions to the problems we face.

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