Viewpoint: 3 reasons the best hospitals are led by physicians – Beckers Hospital Review

Healthcare organizations need extraordinary leaders to guide them through the complex regulatory, technological and consumer challenges that characterize the healthcare industry today. While physicians have not always been viewed as qualified to serve as healthcare CEOs, this is changing, according to an op-ed published in the Harvard Business Review.

James K. Stoller, MD, a pulmonary/critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic and chairman of the Education Institute; Amanda Goodall, PhD, senior lecturer in management at Cass Business School in London; and Agnes Baker, PhD, assistant professor at the University of Zurich, purport that the increasing “emphasis on patient-centered care and efficiency in the delivery of clinical outcomes means that physicians are now being prepared for leadership.”

Physicians may be best equipped to lead hospitals for three key reasons, according to the authors of the op-ed.

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