How should we teach leadership and management, especially to experts and professionals?

Being an expert is not a proxy for having leadership and management skills. These are still necessary.

But it is much easier to develop an expert into a manager than it could ever be to train a generalist to become an expert. I believe strongly that we need to offer different professional groups and industries (whether hairdressers, social workers or lawyers) a tailored leadership development and management education. For too long a one-size-fits-all approach has prevailed. At Bayes Business School I am the Course Director of the Executive Master’s in Medical Leadership which we designed especially for medical doctors. The programme’s outcomes are evident by the rapid promotion of our doctors into management and leadership positions.

We also collect information from our students’ direct line managers. Anyone offering high quality leadership programmes must use proper outcome measures to assess whether their offering is advancing students. Relying on student feedback is not enough.

I teach three leadership modules at Bayes Business School: ‘Personal Leadership Development for Experts and Professionals’, with Natasha Maw. ‘Expert Leadership’ for our medical doctors and ‘Leadership and Performance’ for our MBA students.

This is a two-year part-time executive master’s designed especially for medical doctors at Bayes Business School. Download our brochure here and visit our website here.

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